Diet does, did, and will play a huge role in your quest for a rock-hard six pack; however, you also have to consider doing six pack ab exercises if you want your results to show. I haven’t seen so much debate on one topic as I have with six pack ab exercises! Some will tell you it is all about the intensity, or this workout plan or only this exercise. I find those thoughts to come from those with a novice level of exercise science knowledge and will explain why I disagree with them using a comparison to a baseball player. Roy Halladay is probably the best pitcher our era has or will see. He performs consistently at champion caliber. He adds a new pitch every once in a while and what do you think he does with the others? He trains his entire repertoire regularly, not just that one pitch. He also watches game video and trains with a very high work ethic. Your six pack ab exercises, are much more than an exercise!

If it has been a while, or if you are just starting your journey into the wonderful world of fitness, do you think it would be wise to start doing what you see trained and ripped people in the gym doing? It is a perfect time to set goals for where your six pack ab exercises will lead to, however, initially you will hurt yourself or have a greatly increased risk of injury to yourself. There are many reasons for this; however, I think that two of those reasons are very preventable. The first issue I have run into quite often as a personal trainer is walking to your ab exercises mat with the “all exercises are the same, you’re only working out” attitude. Not all exercises are a “one size fits all” idea, in fact; they all vary on levels ranging from beginner to more advanced and six pack ab exercises are no different.

Another common problem with people walking into training is when they are trying to do an advanced workout with untrained abs and poor form. Six pack ab exercises are not only made to strengthen and exploit the fruits of your labor; however, also to stabilize your core! Poor form during six pack ab exercises can slow the progress you are aiming for. In fact, some exercises work more muscle groups than most other exercises. In fact, I considered major classes during my training days to be six pack ab exercises, the inclined bench press, squats and properly done pushups. If you have a poor form in any of those, you can mess up the form and posture of other muscle groups involved. The major classes I mentioned including six pack ab exercises involve multiple muscle groups. Work on your form prior to jumping into heavy and innovated exercises along those lines especially six pack ab exercises.

There are 4 major muscle groups, not considering the lower back, in your trunk area and each one of those groups has to be targeted during your training sessions. They are the internal and external obliques as well as the transverse and rectus abdominis muscles. You do not need to do the same mundane sit-up you learned in physical education class during middle school. In fact, simply doing a sit-up may provide less results or show your results slower than mixing in different exercises! Whichever exercises you use should target multiple muscle groups in your core, if not all of them. They should also be somewhat of a challenge when you are performing them. Confusing your muscles with new six pack ab exercises could also help you burn more of that fat wall blocking your six pack! This type of six pack ab exercises are normally done when you feel your six pack ab exercises need a more intermediate or advanced level of training.

The most important aspect, in my opinion, of a six pack exercise routine is not what you do with your stomach, but rather your hand. Your mind is real important when it comes to six pack ab exercises also actually. Do you know which exercise I am referring to? If you guessed will power, you are half-wrong. It is your journal that you jot stuff down in! This item helps you do tons of things from planning to analyzing. You can check out your progress or regression from results (covered down the road, very important topic!) for as long as you use it.

Exercises for six packs come in all shapes and forms. Most six pack exercises involve a crunch-motion of some type, however some six pack ab exercises involve your entire trunk. The exercises that target and activate the muscles in your entire core are normally advanced (past intermediate). My favorite six pack ab exercises are the bicycle crunch as well as the kneeling wood-chopper, which is rapidly becoming popular due to the muscle groups it works. Those two six pack exercises will have your stomach screaming for mercy. To make those two six pack ab exercises a little more difficult I will even attach a resistance band to something and crunch that way!

Earlier I mentioned training as part of your six pack routine, as with any other muscle group you need to rest your abs, especially if you are just starting off. A way of relating what happens if you practice day in and day out your six pack ab exercises is with a rubber band. A rubber band works fine at room temperature, however what happens to the band if it gets used on a regular and ongoing basis? Eventually the rubber band will snap or be so loose it is pointless to use. Your abs after six pack ab exercises are no different and also need a break. So do yourself a favor and take a break now, then re-read this article and take some notes!