In this article, I have provided a detailed review of the Diamondback Tactical ® SOF Assault Pack with Side Pouch Flaps, to include the specifications of the pack as well as the methods used to test and review the performance and durability of the product.

Overall, I was very pleased with the performance, durability, functionality, and design of the pack. As listed on the Diamondback Tactical website, this pack retails at $344.95, and in my opinion, worth every penny of it. I would go on to say this pack is worth its weight in gold. Now let us look at the reasons why I have come to this conclusion.

The specifications for the Diamondback Tactical SOF Assault Pack I received are as follows:

• Item Number: BLPF81-F-RG

• Ranger Green in color

• PALS / MOLLE attachments inside and outside the pack

• Dimensions: 20.5″ H x 13.75″ W x 10.25″ D

• Large customizable main internal compartment

• Several exterior compartments and pouches

• Large YKK Zippers with durable pull tabs

• Fastex ® buckles on all adjustable straps and compartments

• Interior hydration sleeve and hydration tube ports

• DryLex ® padding in shoulder straps and back of pack for enhanced comfort

As with all of the Diamondback Tactical products I have used, this pack was very well built. The quality in the construction of the pack can be seen immediately upon pulling it out of the package.

Diamondback Tactical uses 1000 Denier material to make their products with because of the durability it provides. The stitching used on the pack is tight and detailed to the extent that I could not find a single loose thread that needed trimmed. With the use of other high quality materials and items such as YKK zippers, Fastex buckles, and DryLex padding, these ultimately lead to a thoroughly designed piece of equipment.

On other packs I have used, the main compartment zipper stops short of the bottom of the pack by approximately four to six inches, which limits accessibility and functionality. This is not the case with the DBT SOF Assault Pack. The main compartment zipper fully unzips for ultimate access to the interior of the pack, a very useful design.

Another extremely useful feature on the pack is the ability to customize it to your needs. The pack has lots of MOLLE webbing inside and out. This allows the user to add additional MOLLE pouches and alter the design of the pack for mission specific needs.

I would like to report on any problems or areas of concern on this pack, but after thorough, rigorous testing, I have yet to find a single thing to complain about. In producing a superior pack for serious use, Diamondback Tactical obviously took valuable input from real-life, experienced operators in the design and construction of this pack.

As for my own testing, I started by placing all my necessary operational gear in the pack. I typically don’t pack heavy or over-do-it, but in this case I wanted to see just how much I could get into the pack. It held everything I could think of and still had room for more. Surprising though was the accessibility of the items due to the design of the pack. It was easy to retrieve and replace items, especially with gloved hands.

Once packed full, I decided to take it on a hike to test the comfort of the design. The use of DryLex on the shoulder straps and back of the pack was amazing in reducing fatigue and enhancing comfort. Having a wide design also assisted in the positioning of the pack. I can honestly say this was the most comfortable pack I have ever worn.

I then used the pack for several days of sniper training. The pack went through rigorous conditions such as rough terrain, weather conditions and generally rough use. It was banged around, dropped, scraped, sat on, dragged and pushed in many different positions over several different types of terrain. This didn’t affect the performance or functioning of the pack in any way and to my surprise barely left noticeable areas of use. That is one thing I have always thought highly of when using DBT products, the quality of the items are second to none.

After rekitting and refitting from the sniper training, I used the pack for several days of combat and tactical training. This training included drills on the flat-range, in CQB, and during vehicle operations. As expected, the pack performed above and beyond my expectations having no short-comings.

The last test on the pack was for general-purpose use around the homestead and on campus. I was able to stuff it with all my PT gear and college textbooks for use on campus as well as using it for a short out-of-town trip as luggage. It was perfect. Although it was designed for combat and tactical use, it surpassed any areas of use in a civilian application.

Having used many different packs of various types and manufacturers in my experiences, I can honestly say the Diamondback Tactical SOF Assault Pack surpasses them all. I highly recommend this pack to anyone serious about getting their gear safely and securely to and from any location, whether it’s in a hostile and unpermissive environment or going across campus for the next class.