Just as a person needs proper clothes for traveling, all the things that he owns need the right moving supplies to be packed and transported to another place. Once you are assured of the services of good packers and movers whose services are impeccable and whose supplies are above board, moving to New York, or moving anywhere else for that matter, will not be a problem.

Having said that, it has still to be understood that moving to New York could be a slightly different cup of tea from moving anywhere else, whether you have the assurance of the right moving supplies or not. New York has more accommodation shortage and parking space shortage than the rest of the country. So, before deciding on the right supplies, what someone who is moving to New York should decide is how much he should shift and what to do with the rest.

If you are moving to New York, and feel that you are likely to be living there for pretty long, dispose of as many household white elephants as you can, even if they are aesthetically appealing stuff. Even though packing companies will have the right moving supplies that will ensure the safe transportation of every trinket and souvenir that you own, inside your New York apartment there is likely to be fisticuffs for squatting space between you and the antiques. However, if you are likely to come back, keep all the good stuff in a storage, or preferably, with a reliable friend. Buying all those lovely stuff again is not going to be easy, so have the right safekeeping arrangements for them before moving New York.

When they are relocating from one place to another, whether it is moving to New York or moving to New Hampshire, most people choose to drive to the new destination. This is quite convenient because firstly, you can throw a lot of loosely packed stuff in the back of your car. It will lessen your packing problem and limit the requirement of moving supplies. Second, it solves the problem of transporting the car. While this looks attractive on the face of it, those who are moving New York should first of all decide whether they want to take a car at all to New York. Parking space is non-existent in some places, and quite expensive in places where it is available. What this translates to is that you may sometimes have to park the car and then walk a mile to your destination. All these have to be taken into account before deciding how much you should move, and what moving supplies you need, when you are moving New York.