If you’re like many, you would rather take a sharp stick in the eye than move all of your belongings to a new home. While the idea of moving to a new neighborhood, school or community can be exciting, the feat of actually moving your belongings can be downright daunting. Having a few key moving supplies can make your move more bearable.

Lifting Furniture

If you’re moving furniture, boxes and heavy items yourself, your investment in the right tools can save you – and the pals you recruited to help – from serious injury. Furniture dollies and hand trucks can be rented from a moving company or rental business, but good quality dollies and trucks can be purchased from moving supply companies at surprisingly reasonable prices. Having a hand truck in your garage or basement will very likely come in handy again if you purchase new furniture or appliances or when you move again. Flat appliance dollies range from $30 to $50 while hand trucks range from $50 to $200. Some are collapsible or foldable for easy storage.

A less expensive alternative are the new moving straps. These are new moving products that enable two people to lift large items by distributing weight of the item evenly and reducing strain on the back. They also allow for large furniture and appliances to be moved over uneven terrain or delicate flooring where dollies or hand trucks may not be well-suited. One style utilizes the forearms while another uses the shoulders. A long strap is secured between the two individuals and then placed under the item being moved so the leverage allows it to be easily lifted. These straps cost between $20 and $50 and come with little or no hardware and store in virtually no space at all.

Protecting and Securing Cargo

Moving blankets are more durable and protective than standard bedding blankets so are better at protecting your furniture, appliances and electronics. They are also handy to have after the move. A four-pack of good quality moving blankets can be purchased for under $50 and are also great for protecting your large items while in storage.

Cargo straps secure cargo to a truck or trailer preventing it from bumping into other furniture or falling and becoming damaged. Cargo straps are also available in a variety of price ranges and durability. Ratchet or buckle straps come in widths from one to four inches and in varying lengths. Again you’ll be glad you have these when you buy your next appliance or motorcycle. Prices generally range from $5 to $15.

Buy or Rent

Before you rent moving supplies and equipment, it’s worth checking out purchase prices. Look beyond your neighborhood hardware store. Some rental companies will charge more for “one-way” rentals and may not have a branch store where you are moving. It’s also not a guarantee that they’ll have available the tools you need.

There are a number of on-line moving supply companies that offer higher grade moving supplies at reasonable prices. A cheap hand truck that breaks under the weight of your refrigerator will not make for a great moving experience! Some on-line moving supply companies also feature blogs or instructional videos that can arm you with ideas and tips before the big day. Spend some time researching your options to make your move more enjoyable.