Cardboard boxes are still the best bet as moving boxes, even though plastic cases are now available in abundance and in many sizes. It is ideal as boxes because cardboard is recyclable and biodegradable at the same time, though certain treatments may cause some time delay in the degradation process. Either way, cardboard boxes are environment friendly, making users free of any compunction in using them in moving supplies. Boxes made of cardboard are light and sturdy at the same time, and can be comfortably used in packing things that are sturdier than cardboard. Whether a person is moving far or near, he/she cannot manage without the right supplies and the main ingredient of the supply are the cardboard boxes.

Moving supplies come in different combinations these days to suit the luggage requirements of bedroom, kitchen, or office space, as the case may be. Duct tape and moving boxes are the main ingredients of these moving supplies kit, but they also generally include a certain amount of bubble wrap, loose fill, and wrapping paper. Some may also contain bags and cases that can be cut to the required sizes, while yet other supplies kits even have a marker as part of it.

Regular Slotted Cartons are the most common type of cardboard boxes that are the main units of moving supplies. These will be open at the top and bottom with four flaps forming its lid on both sides. Medium size moving boxes are the common choice among packing companies, and those who have to do the shifting also prefer them as they can be handled easily. However, supplies may include multi-depth cardboard boxes, boxes suited exclusively to packing electronic goods like computers, telescope design cardboard boxes, and heavy duty boxes that may be double wall or triple wall. Many other things like octagon bulk bin with triple wall for packing heavy materials, and carpet protection tapes can be part of moving supplies kit.

Moving boxes manufacturers always show the dimensions of the inside of the box so that an object that is exactly the size of the dimensions of the box will comfortably fit into it. Boxes that are 18′ x 18′ x 18′ serve the purpose of packing many of the ordinary household items, though special sizes may be required in certain cases. Though moving agents have combo moving supplies kits for different rooms, boxes can be easily customized to suit every type of requirements. And these boxes do not require to be thrown away once you reach the new location. Some of them will surely continue to serve you as storage boxes even in the new place and you should ensure that the remaining boxes reach the right recycling plant.