Great news! You have just gotten the green light to move into that new home. That is music to the ears of many families as the get ready to start a new stage of their life, whether it be upsizing, downsizing, or just moving down town. After the elation settles a bit, you realize that you need to figure out what kind of furniture moving supplies you need to make the moving process as simple as possible.

The best part of moving for many people is that realization that they have an opportunity to sort through their possessions to see what they really do need to keep and what items have served their purpose and should be set to pasture. Even though some may have an initial sense of anxiety about letting go, it really becomes a very liberating experience.

Once the smaller items are boxed up and packed in their labeled moving boxes, you can then take a look at the larger items – appliances, furniture, and large mirrors or pictures. The furniture moving supplies that you need will depend on what type of items you will need to transport.

If you are going to be moving items such as a refrigerator, washer, dryer, or stove then you should consider renting or buying an appliance hand truck for your move. The use of the proper moving equipment is the key to a stress-free moving adventure.

Take a look at your furniture. If you have pieces that you plan to have around for years to come, then don’t hesitate to invest in a few furniture moving supplies that you can reuse such as moving blankets. A good tip is to put any of the screws, nuts or bolts from a certain piece, such as a table, in a Ziploc bag and then tape the bag to the back, bottom or other secure area of the furniture before you wrap it up in a moving blanket. This way, you can set up the furniture at the new location without having to remember where the hardware is.

A very inexpensive and versatile sort of furniture moving supplies are the moving straps and bands made for and used by professional movers. By using the physics of leverage you can move awkward items with the greatest of ease.

Getting the right furniture moving supplies will make any move run as smooth as possible. Don’t hesitate to get the best equipment for this exciting new phase of your life.