No one likes to move, well, at least most people dislike moving for any reason. Moving and storage have problems that must be settled before or during the move to make the move hassle free.

Certain things may happen that can affect your move that are also often out of your control. Some of the things that occur can only be settled by you. If the moving company truck breaks down that is beyond your control. If it breaks down and it is the only truck the company has then it is really beyond your control. In the first instance they can send a replacement truck. In the second case they cannot and you will have to wait for it to be repaired or hire another company.

However this could have been in your control by doing your research into the company and make sure they have more than one truck available. This is where references come into play or recommendations should be asked for and listened to. On the other hand the moving and storage company may have other trucks but they are all in use the day yours breaks down. Here you have done your research and thought great it’s a busy company there will be no problems. Once again this problem is out of your control to solve. You can only hope the company has other companies it can call to get a truck sent out to your place ASAP.

A total no show of a moving and storage company is again out of your control to settle. This could be that the company or you noted the wrong date of the move. You should thoroughly read your contract to double check the scheduled date of the move. If they wrote it down incorrectly and you didn’t catch it then it is your problem and you will have to wait for the day written on the signed contract.

If it is noted correctly and they really didn’t show up and you have a correctly executed contract, then according to general contract law you have suffered damages and can take them to court. Or in other words you can sue them. But before you decide to take this action you should call them to try to work it out. They may be willing to reduce the cost to you by some agreed upon amount to cover any perceived damages. If you do decide to sue you do have to have a very good idea of what the damages may be by one or more days delay. Probably not much unless this triggers another reaction whereby you lose your job because you are not where you said you would be.

But again losing your job would be in your control because most employers understand most problems and they would work with you.

Moving is no fun. Be prepared to expect some hassles or problems when planning and executing a move. Keep a good sense of humor and be realistic.