Given that the state was practically built from the ground up by settlers from other areas, it seems only natural that in New York, moving and storage services of the highest quality have become essential today.

The identity of the city as a residential and economic hub was already in place as early as the 17th century. Dutch trading posts established for trading pelts from the Lenape, Iroquois and other Native American people were set up in the area, known at the time as New Netherlands. This collection of posts grew to become a highly successful colony, which was captured by the British during the Second Anglo-Dutch War and subsequently renamed the Province of New York.

The improvement of transportation via canals in the 19th century further encouraged people to come and live in New York. The Erie Canal, in particular, opened up vast areas of the state for commerce and settlement. Ellis Island was legendary as the eastern United States’ main immigration gateway, with over 12 million immigrants entering here between 1892 and 1954.

Of course, the transportation of belongings has become more difficult and elaborate as times and fortunes changed. Whereas a few sturdy hired hands or a mule and carriage may have been sufficient before, relocation’s today demand a lot more particularly in New York. Moving and storage have become more complex, as items increase in amount, size and delicacy.

Just as the best relocation assistants before would have been local residents who knew the lay of the land, the moving companies of today must have an expertise born of experience in order to serve New York clients in the best, most efficient way possible.