If you are planning a move and are staying within the nearby vicinity, you will want to consider hiring local movers for the transition. Hiring moving services to make a move can make a huge difference in your life. Since moving itself can be a stressful event, using a moving company can help make it so much easier.

Know Your Options

The first thing to do is decide what you want the moving service to do. In other words, you can have them pack your belongings and move or hire them to just relocate your belongings. Some people prefer to pack their own belongings to keep it organized, safe and avoid theft. Of course, if you work with reputable local movers, you will not have to worry about any of these things. For many, though, hiring a company to do it all is the best option. That means you don’t have to worry about packing supplies, packing in general, loading a truck, transporting the items and then unloading the truck. This means taking out all of the stress prior to and during the move. The only thing you would have to do is unpack your boxes in your new home.

Find a Moving Company

The next thing to do is decide on which moving services you would like to use. Contact all the local movers for your area and give them the information they need to give you a quote. Fine out exactly what is included in the services offered so there are no surprises later. That means finding out if the price for packing supplies is included, or not. Also, be up front with them when requesting a quote. If you spring surprises on them the day of the move, they may be forced to charge you extra or may not even be equipped to handle it.

Even if you contact the companies by phone, try to get an email, fax or print out of the price and what is included. You need proof of the quoted price. Once you have your quotes you can narrow down your selection and then begin to look for reviews and feedback about each of the companies. Look for reputable companies, even if it means spending a few extra dollars. Also, ask around. Find out from friends, neighbors and people you work with which companies they used for their relocation services. Usually, you will hear about which one is the best and which one was a moving nightmare.

Keep It Simple

Keep in mind, a local move does not have to be a stressful one. While all moves are a shift in your normal routine, a local move is much less complicated. Set yourself up for a successful transition by packing what you can ahead of time and hiring pros to do the rest. Letting others help take the stress and burden off of you is well worth the expense. Plan ahead and be organized and, with the help if local movers, you should have a simple relocation to your new home.