Moving a business in New York City can be quite a cumbersome task and more so with the downtime involved, you would want a speedy process without delays. A commercial move is always big and one should have a detailed checklist or else be ready for an unwanted adventure and crossed over deadlines.

Always sit with your team and plan the office move well in time. Don’t leave anything for the last moment. With every office we see there is a lot of items which wouldn’t be needed for the new location, maybe you wouldn’t require desks, which would be extras, since your new office comes well furnished. Make a moving inspector check your office belongings and provide your team with an estimate for shipping across and DO AWAY with clutter, it speaks volumes about your company in the negative sense.

Your corporate move helper should also acquire at least three moving estimates with different moving companies in and around New York. This is important not only to get reliable rates but also to also to validate the level of performance and expertise as claimed by the commercial movers.

When you do have an inspector from the mover New York team join you for a discussion on moving plans and strategies, please do inform him or her about the floor plans of the new location. This would help him understand what you expect and inform his team where to place each box at the new location.

Engage reliable and professional commercial movers with ample experience to relocate your office at the shortest time and with minimum disturbance to the workforce.